Creola Cotton and Shaquanda Cotton

Thursday, 15 March 2007

Write and Contact the Judge and Governor!

Honorable M.C. (Chuck) Superville, Jr., Judge
Lamar County Courthouse
119 North Main
Paris, TX 75460
Phone # 903-737-2410
Fax # 903-785-3858

Mailing Address

Office of the Governor
P.O. Box 12428
Austin, Texas 78711-2428

Delivery Address

Office of the Governor
State Insurance Building
1100 San Jacinto
Austin, Texas 78701

Citizen's Opinion Hotline: (800) 252-9600
[for Texas callers]

Citizen's Assistance and Opinion Hotline: (512) 463-1782
[for Austin, Texas and out-of-state callers]

Office of the Governor Main Switchboard: (512) 463-2000
[office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST]

Office of the Governor Fax: (512) 463-1849


Kimberly Michelle said...

Please continue to spread the word about Shaquanda, tell everyone you know and if you have any contacts at major media companies, please forward this story to them as well!

Mother said...

I agree. We mustn't rest until she is free.

Paris, Texas is in Congressional District 4

It might be a good idea to write her congresspersons as well as the governor

Anonymous said...

Well a coworker of mines sent this story to me and its sad because I watch the news every night at 6pm and 10pm and never heard this story . As I read the news feeds , it sent chills up my back. I would have never thought that our justice system would still be at the foot of racism. This is such a hush hush issue for "America" because the media , the government and the school knows this is wrong. You know what they say about feeling guilty , you keep quiet. When you stand behind your decision you yell it to whoever will listen , so Shaquanda sweetie we are yelling for you sweetheart. I pray for you, your family and the judge that made this decision to try and ruin your life. I know it is hard and I cant imagine being in your shoes , but know that GOD will bring you through this. Take care and GOD Bless you always. Im spreading the word !!

Jim.Legington said...


Daughter, this is Rev. Jim Legington
wanting You to know that God's love
is the most powerful force, because surely
Our God is love. It's a great injustice
being witness here in your case as we
have heard it from blogs and news post.
Praise the Lord the sphere has reached
even to us.

My God will supply every need and by the
Spirit of the living God in Jesus Name the
very love of Our God will grant grace that
is sufficient to overcome this miscarriage
of justice. Blessed are the merciful for
they shall obtain mercy.

Make no difference to God Almighty whether
White, Black, Brown any part in our mix
externally, greater is He that inside the
believer. We are all one in God's measure
and those born again can see injustice.

We are spreading the message and when the
"Content of Character" inside everyone that
calls on Jesus begin to hear about this, Daughter, You are free at last. FaithWork, keep the faith and just know the Right Hand of God is working in the Beloved!

Pray and trust in God and He will do it.

We love You and God has many more.
Shaquanda, bless and God will rally His
Mercy in people everywhere.

Keep Hope Alive, Rev. Jim Legington

Anonymous said...

C'mon people, we cannot be this naive. This type of misjustice happens every day. Another African American man was freed just Tuesday (see after spending 17 years in prison for smoking weed while he was on probation. We have been hornswaggled. We believe in the "American Dream". The white picket fence. The 2.5 children. And while it is true that many of us have made strides, the great majority of us have not. How is it that something like this is allowed to occur? And this child has been imprisoned! No need to talk. Time to act. Any Texas attorney's out there willing to take this on? I am more than willing to help pay for one. Let's get it started.

Anonymous said...

I must say i don't agree in what Shaquanda did however, pleading with tears of pain as to how the justice system in this supposedly great country could sentence a fourteen year old youth to prison, for the life of me i don't understand or see this being justice...Tell me how can we as citizens allow this child to grow up in a systematic situation..My God! This is know way for our children to be raised...To be made an adult before she becomes a young lady. This is ludacrist, coming from East Texas, Oh how I know of the racism that is still so prevelant. This sends chills up my spine and sends my spirits into totally state of disaray..I understand this child perform and act that wasn't deemed proper..However why not juvenile hall or admittance to an alternate school for children with this kind of problem..Why not therapy to find the underlying problem..GOD, OH MY GOD...WHY WOULD A JUDGE GIVE SUCH HARSH PUNISHMENT ONE THAT WILL SCAR THIS CHILD FOR LIFE...MY HER LIFE WILL END BEFORE IT BEGAN...PLEASE! LET'S HELP...

Anonymous said...

Dear Shaquanda,

I really don't know what to say, but as always keep your head up and God will work everything out. I will keep you in my prayers as many others are. I will write many letters to the Govenor as will as many of my friends. Remember to always keep smiling.


Anonymous said...

Shaquanda Cotton i'm going to keep praying for you. I hope that you will be getting out soon. I never heard about this story until the story was forward to me from my cousin. I don't think that's fair that you were sentence to 7 years in prison, an the only thing she gets is a slap on the wrist. I can't believe that we are still living in a world where racism is still a big issue. I hope you will be out soon.With lots of love. Angie
Huntsville, AL

ladygc419 said...

You have support in Toledo, Ohio, sista

Michael Santos said...

As I read some of the replies, and how good they must make you feel, I have to say that this situation calls for more than praying, believing or singing we shall over come. These tactics have never worked, especially in this millennium. People actually call this a civilized society, when being civilized is determined on how the society treats their youth and elderly. All that say you can't believe this kind of racism still exists need to wake up. BELIEVE IT so we can start to act. This is a young black female child and it is up to us to get very mad. Mad enough to wake the hell up and stop being so damn scared to look into the retina of these minorities that control this corrupt system and say what happens to this child happens to us!!! With out her there is no me. I am so sick of what happens to us as people. And we all wimp out when our children go out like that, by saying Ill pray for you, while your chillin in your comfort zone. Someone needs to call the Texas chapter of the Nation of Islam and let them know that one of our daughters is being put through the systematical blender. I will be paying attention and someone needs to film this story, put it on You Tube and spread it everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that Shaquanda, please keep praying and everyting will work out. I am so sorry to hear about this and it truly upsets me as a fellow African American. I will keep you in my prayers and will do what I can to help you out. God is watching you and will see you through this horrible time in your life.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog by way of a black woman's group online of which I am a member.
I am not American and would never want to be. Your case needs PUBLIC attention, it needs to be taken on the air by the Oprahs and those who have a 'public voice'.
I am in total agreement with those who demand action. If money is needed to help, I will put mine where my mouth is.
Those who are encouraging you to pray are the very ones who are telling you to turn the other cheek. What help has prayer ever had to help the plight of black people? Prayer has only helped if prayed by whites, because they hold the handle of the knives, blacks hold the blades.
That Pastor who wrote that long letter had better get his congregation to start a petition and collect money to act on your case. Telling you about god and praying without offering CONCRETE help or solutions is the cowardice's way of sitting back and doing nothing.
I will keep reading your blog and watch to see if any organisation out there is taking your case. I am ready to act.

Anonymous said...

Shaquanda, my heart and love goes out to you. Ever since I heard of your plight I have not been able to get you out of my mind. Along with my prayers, I have been sending Oprah, Tavis Smiley, etc. comments about what happened with you. Creola, I cant even begin to imagine what you are going through. I also have a special needs child who got into a fight at school and was referred to the juvenile review board in my town. Luckily, for my daughter, things worked out fine. Keep on working to free your daughter. When your spirits are low, remember that there is power in prayer, and I feel a whole lot of US are praying. Hopefully as more people hear about your child, she'll be home in no time. Here are a couple of links that I hope will help you in your battle.
Until Shaquanda is home, I now have another daughter I must pray for. May God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shaquanda. Have you written to the NAACP? I receive their emails and I saw that they were organizing community support for a young man who had an unfair court ruling. They may be able to help.

Anonymous said...

Shaquanda, I found out about your case through Facebook. I'm sadden by what has happened to you and I hope GOD continues to keep you and your family.
I must say that your punishment does not fit your crime and I'm more than sure that you were used as a so-called "example" when sentenced. The sad thing is, the law never uses the white kids as examples. It's still sad to believe that in a court of law that race is still as much of an issue as ever. I pray you are set free and that you continue to do what you need to do to make something positive of your outcome. God Bless You.

Anonymous said...

I am a Juvenile Probation Officer in Texas and have had the opportunity to handle cases that are very similar to yours. I would like to say that all cases are different and there are different factors to consider with each case. I understand that you think that you have been caused an injustice due to being "black". As an African American Probation Officer I have had the opportunity to meet young "black" females such as yourself and have also sentenced them to the Texas Youth Commission due to certain crimes that they have committed. It is important to maintain a clean criminal record in order not to be inconvenienced by a 7 year sentence. Any prior history with the juvenile department and any previous felony convictions will automatically get you a 7 year sentence. I hope that you have not been the victim of this kind of injustice, but if you have there is an appeal process that you can follow. Please contact your attorney(hired or court appointed) to see about appealing to the juvenile board and the state juvenile probation commision. I hope that this information was helpful to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

As a believer in Christ, I am encouraging you to trust in the Lord with ALL your heart, and lean not to your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths. Joseph had a dream and even his BLOOD family discouraged him, but he knew from God that it would come to pass. Unfortunately, BUT to the glory of God, he had to be imprisoned and go through a little bit of struggle to get to his dream but all in the plan of God! He was the means of his entire family surviving! God has a reason for everything and he cannot fail! "For consider Him who endured such hostility from sinners against Himself, lest you become weary and discouraged in your souls." Hebrews 12:3

Anonymous said...

Dear Shaquanda,

Your struggle is not in vain…
A child shall lead them!

The crime and injustice committed against YOU and other Black children across America by the racist, barbaric, decaying system in which we exist, is awaking the consciousness of millions of people across America and the world.

As we come into that awareness, we realize that you are being held captive because our racist, bankrupt ruling elites are in a futile battle to keep us, Blacks and all working Americans, in an enduring condition of captivity, ignorance and division, to prop-up their declining-dieing, racist social, economic and political order.

A colleague wrote us, recently, on the spate and pattern of injustice being consistently committed against our children:

“With this kind of continuing intimidation, can fascism be far away? Why are folks so indifferent, so asleep at the wheel?”

Take strength. We are being awakened by you, SHAQUANDA, to the fascism that is part and parcel of what we call our civilization!

Children like you in “Apart-Hate” South Africa, helped to drive the final stake into that racist, decadent vampire state’s heart.

Although your ignorant captors may not be aware, you are doing the same here!

Stay strong, people of consciousness are coming to your rescue.

Your will and strength inspire us all.


Lloyd McCarthy

Anonymous said...

I'm in agreement with one other reader who says she does not agree with the behavior of Shaquanda, but in any case, this is total injustice. However, parents need to take responsibility for the way children in this country are raised. The Bible says "train up a child in the way he should, and when he grows up he will not depart far from it". People dispel that part of God's word which creates these obnoxious behaviors in children. Children need to respect others and more so their elders, whether black, white, orange or red.

With this being said, I don't understand how this happens and there are so many African American Attorneys right here in Texas and none of them could find it in their hearts to try and take this case pro bono. Also, there are so many wealthy African Americans who could pay for this child's defense. This injustice by this racist judge is done because he probably felt that no one would even care, she is black and that's where she needs to be, she would never do anything meaningful with her life anyway, and her family is poor, so who is going to do anything? Consequently, he thinks that he can get away with this type of gross injustice. Someone needs to take up this cause. IT SURE IS HELL TO BE POOR!!

It amazes me to see people like those die and to hear their relatives telling the world that they are up in Heaven. What did they do here on earth to get to Heaven? I think some people think that Heaven is a puppet-show.

This judge will ultimately be judged by the highest Judge of all.

I wish that this piece of injustice is spread through the country, and someone will find it in their heart to take up the cause and free this child.

You will be in my prayers, don't give up God is always in control. Look at what Job went through. I am not an American, but I am black and the first thing that anyone sees is my skin color, and I also have a son. Fortunately he is in college, but that does not exclude him from any type of injustice in a racist society with a racist judge.

Anonymous said...

Young lady, I am saddened and outraged over what has happened to you. I will write the oppressing judge and governor of Texas. I will also try to make sure that some media outlet like NBC's "Dateline" or CBS' "60 Minutes" hears of this travesty. This makes me ashamed to be an American.

Unknown said...

Shaquanda, I want to you stay strong while the people of Little Rock, Arkansas fight on your behalf. You must realize while you are temporarily held up just maintain your composure and continue to pray. I am calling fox news as I type now and trying to use my connections to get the other T.V. giants on board with this gross behavior of supreme racism. You will be free from your friend John Johnson

Unknown said...

Shaquanda, I am here to let you know the people of Little Rock, Ar and Omaha, NE are sending out state wide phone calls the Governor office, and also at this time I am trying to use any resources I have with other individuals to get this story on the major news networks. I know you understand that it was wrong to push a school official. However, it does not neglect the ignorant racist view of a lynch-mob judge. Please understand that while you are temporarily held up just continue praying and stay away from trouble while you held up. Getting in trouble just makes it more difficult and more appealing to those racist individuals that wanted to put away. Stay strong and let the people on the outside work on these misguided individuals.

Anonymous said...

dear shaquanda,

first of all i have to say is please KEEP YOUR HEAD UP!! is sad to see that the judge is using you as an could any judge sentence someone 7yrs for shoving someome?? hopefully someone with higher powers will come to your aid so you will be set free...keep smiling your day will be soon!!!
galveston texas

Anonymous said...

Hail the mighty internet,the one true source of free speech! why is this story not on the networks? But take heart and great comfort from what history eventually does to such people-no one escapes true justice-but it may take time e.g. the reputations of Nelson Mandela vs. Joseph Stalin.
PS I am in Australia,and got the story from the Something Awful forums. chin up girl, the world knows!

Anonymous said...

Although I don't condone the actions the young lady took with regard to shoving someone old enough to be her grandmother. I am in agreement with the sentence being racially motivated. How in the world can you send a 14 year old child with no prior arrest history to prison thus ruining her life for shoving someone & yet allow a 14 year old WHITE child to go home with probation for burning down her own damn house? First of all every african american voter come election time vote that judge off the bench as well as the govenor if he/she sits on their collective asses & do nothing to right this obvious wrong. It's time to stand up people, no longer can you wait & hope things get better. You have to vote & make them better

Anonymous said...

You are in my prayers, and I plan to forward this information to the CBS Early MOrning showing.

Anonymous said...

Shaquanda Cotton,

I am enraged at this story and I will send a letter along with petitioning others to send letters to this Judicial System and Congress for your release. I am a strong believer that God will reward you recompense for the time you have waisted/loss with this blinded justice.

God Be with you and remember "The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength".

E.Hardee, Maryland

Anonymous said...

Of course I am very outraged that this type of discrimination exist. In 2007, I really can 't imagine what "your honor" was thinking. Did he honestly think that we would lie down and not say anything? Hmm. Black America I know we are not sleeping on this one. I have responded to the Govenor of Paris, TX hopefully we will get his young lady released. Its a sad, sad day for us if we are still batteling racism, it has got to stop.

Anonymous said...

This is horrible. I've written the governor and forwarded this page along with the article to Hopefully more people will spread the word.

Anonymous said...

Shaquanda Cotton, I am praying for you and your family... I know that God is going to bring you out of this Victoriously ... Keep the faith my sista, and know that God is working it out.

Steve said...

Shaquanda, Our hearts and prays are with you. This sentence is unexplainable. Where is the justice in this? Who defended you? Fire him or her. The sentence does not fit the crime. I can not imagine my daughter in this situtation. I will pass this on to everyone I know. God Bless You, Steve

Anonymous said...


niknak4u said...

Please be encouraged and know that alot of people are on your side. Know that God does not make any mistakes and is allowing "this "as a sure testimony of a higher meaning. It saddens my heart to know that such bigotry id still very much alive even in our judicial system. I will continue to pray for you and your family and know that I support you 100%. Please continue to pray and establish a relationship with God. He can see and hear all. He can definately make a way when there seems to be no hope left. But most of all keep your head up and foremost forgive yourself. On the radio I heard that you were trying to take your own life....Stop!!! Your are here for a main to the Master and find out what it is....Trust that someone else will benefit from your strenght.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

My hope and prayers are for you and with all who suffer the injustices placed upon the race
by a cruel and godless people.


Anonymous said...

I pray that the Lord Jesus comfort you in this time of trials and that you will soon be freed from your bondage.

Anonymous said...

I would like to give you a useful link where you can create a petition and also get more awareness of the case. All the best

Anonymous said...

i am in agreement with Anonymous 20 March 2007 05:36. All we seem to do as black people is talk and pray. If I've ever seen a situation where we must spring to action, this is it. Please, please, please, spread the word. Jesse, Al, she needs you. Send money for this young girl's defense. Contact her congress person, the judge, news organizations. Whatever it takes!

Anonymous said...

I give my prays and blessing for the young girl .

Anonymous said...

Please continue to pray and stay strong as possible at your young age. If all that I'm reading is true, this is definitely an act of racism, classism and good old boy small townism. I'm sure many of you readers are familiar with the civil rights pictures and images from the past and have said plenty of times "THAT COULDN'T HAVE BEEN ME, I WOULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING". Well what are WE going to do!!! I'm sure if there was an investigation into the Paris judicial system there would be similiar injustices throughout. I am down for whatever, this can not go away.


Anonymous said...

I keep Shaquanda and her family in my thoughts. My letter to the Governor (cross-posted at follows:

Dear Governor Perry:

I would like to take this opportunity to first let you know that I truly appreciate your position on the HPV vaccination issue. 

Given your demonstrated concern for the children of Texas, I feel encouraged to write this letter to you regarding the recently reported* case of Shaquanda Cotton, a little Texas girl who in 2006 received a 7-year sentence to be served in a facility for children who are in most cases violent repeat offenders -- Shaquanda does not fit this profile.

Even if the issue of racism were not a factor in this case (and reports of ongoing investigation of the Paris Independent School System by the US Department of Education do not bear this out) the harsh and disproportionate manner in which Shaquanda’s case -- along with a major, and formative part of her life -- has been disposed is simply no way to treat a child. While I recognize that Shaquanda’s actions were deplorable, in a just and reasonable world the issue would have long since been settled by means falling far short of leaving a frightened 14-year old in an institution for which she was so mentally unprepared that in desperation she repeatedly harmed herself.

I am aware of a pending appeal in this case, but I ask that you will see fit to intervene in Shaquanda’s behalf, without waiting for a procedural outcome; leaving her to serve this disproportionate sentence in order to enforce the all too predictable (though, I realize, dependable) tough-on-crime message will accomplish nothing so much as establishing Texas as yet another depressing example of how we sometimes overreact to a child’s impulsive misbehavior, and casually (and cruelly) discard our hopes for a young life.

When my daughter was Shaquanda’s age I first read her Sam Hazo’s poem:

“I wish you what I wish myself:
Hard questions and the nights to answer them
And grace of disappointment
And the right to seem the fool for justice.
That's enough.
Cowards might ask for more
Heroes have died for less”

Governor, I am writing this letter in the sad anticipation that maybe none of the many letters which I am certain you have received regarding this case will make a difference; that I’m a fool for writing it. But as I helped my daughter prepare for junior prom -- something that little Shaquanda might not experience -- notwithstanding, I knew I had to write it.

I hope you will take the time to look into the case, and find a proportionate and just solution that recognizes a fourteen-year old should not be made to serve what will amount to a third of her life by the time she has repaid society for a crime which caused no significant or lingering injury to her victim.
Sugar Land, TX

*) Chicago Tribune, March 12, 2007

Anonymous said...

As I was on my way to work this morning I was listening to k.104 (Dallas) and your story literally brought tears to my eyes. This is a disgrace to today’s society and the justice system! I am young Native American and know exactly how racism has and still is continuing to affecting our people. I want you to know that not only African American people relate to you and are rooting for you but Native Americans as well. I WILL be spreading the word amongst my people and anyone who has the heart to listen. Keep your head up and be strong. We will help you get through this. <3

Anonymous said...

I've just been informed of the blatent injustice against Shaquanda Cotton. I was listening to 97.9 The Beat (Rickey Smiley Morning Show). This is INSANE!!!!! There is no way in h-ll this should be ALLOWED to happen. I know there are injustices happening all over the world, not just in the United States....However, being a new resident of the state of Texas.....this is in my backyard....we can't sleep on this!!! My heart is heavy right now......I will do my part to be an active participant in seeing that justice is served for Shaquanda....per Ms Olika of the New Black Panther Party.....there will be another march in Paris, Tx......"let's get up, get out and do something"!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

how the judge know he's not part of another culture. deep in your soul you know it was wrong to convict that child of something so severe. you compare a shove to a child burning there home down. sounds like the judge needs some therapy. also should be taken off the stand. he doesn't deserve to be a judge if he can't give a fair hearing for one and all. no matter what race you are.

Anonymous said...

shaquanda be patient God will make a way. He see's everything and knows its wrong hang in there never give up. Let this make you a stronger person and realize that this world will never change just keep the faith. dont let them win by hurting yourself. dont show weakness but show strength you will make it. be proud of who you are. God Bless you, don't give up!!! were all right behind you. some people are just miserable and ignorant and hate there own life. your beautiful dont let that go.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to say that this is absolutly ridiculous!!! Shaquanda SHOULD NOT BE IN PRISION! This has brought tears to my eyes to see something like this happen to a child. Shaquanda you have the whole city behind you. You stay strong in the Lord and he WILL bring you out of this. We Love you and your Family.
Latasha G.

Anonymous said...

I really hate that they are trying to ruin Shaquanda's life for this. I want her to know that everyone will be praying for her and her family. They are wrong for this, she should have not received 7 years for this or anytime. This was not a crime! The teacher aide should be serving time also! Shaquanda always remember GOD will take you to it and bring you through it. Keep your head up and stay strong sweetheart and keep your faith in GOD!

Anonymous said...

May God continue to bless Shaquanda and protect her from the injustice. The court ruling was wrong and unfair. Please spread the word about this tragic case. Let's not let this one slip through the cracks.

Anonymous said...

I am deeply sadden to her about what is going on in Paris tx. I believe whole heartedly in the criminal justice system but as we all know it was not created perfectly or for everyone. If you are rich or poor; black or white the truth of the matter is the system works differently. I hate that it is that way, when a 14 year old goes to prison for 7 years for pushing a teacher the system has failed this CHILD. Yes she was wrong for doing what she did but does pushing a teacher and not harming her doesn't warrant a 7 year prison sentence, even if she did a prior record.(which was stated that she did not) That judge is a disgrace to the robe he wears and the justice system.

Anonymous said...

There is no way this child should have served any time for this punishment. Something like detention or a suspenion for a day. This is ridculous and I don't believe that the Judgde is getting away with this sort of Justice in this day and age. Black people really need to wake up and get more knowledge and stop letting white folks think that they have the upper hand when its concerns your childs liveihood. I feel sad for this young lady to even have had to go through this turmoil of life. The Judge should be sentences for all of his wrong doing and should be investigated for prior sentences to a black person.

Anonymous said...


Your plight is being used as a lesson to my children to behave in school/church/ home and anywhere else they go. They ask about your status nearly every day.

Let the ending to this story continue to show all the children of the world how a life faced with adversity can be turned around.

The youthful eyes of Texas and the country are upon you. Let your light shine.

Anonymous said...

I am inmate advocate in Oklahoma and I own and moderate several groups. I have spread the word out with all that I net work with all over the world. I have asked many to write letters on her behalf. This is not right. Hang in there my little friend.....

Peace, Love, Hope and Prayers,
Tjuana Boulanger

Anonymous said...

saty up ms. cotton..we will keep u in our thoughts..and the racist bigot of a judge will get whats comming to him,he couldnt even imagine,we love you.